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The kickass powerup music of Hiroyuki Imaishi’s TV series

Hiroyuki Imaishi is probably one of my favourite TV anime directors working today. And not just because of Kill La Kill. Also because of Gurren Lagann. My god those are some good shows! One thing I’ve noticed about Imaishi’s TV series (Gurren Lagann, Panty and Stocking¬†with Garterbelt, and Kill La Kill) is they all have awesome vocal powerup music for… Read more →

What’s in a name?

People keep asking me what my domain name means. This is probably an unavoidable side effect of the fact that my website is still very much in the “only my friends and family read this” stage, since they’re not necessarily that up on anime references. But I figure I should serve the audience I have rather than the audience I… Read more →