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Pharrell made a music video about his waifu

So, normally when a western pop star does a music video that’s “inspired by Japanese culture” or whatnot, you’d expect someone like Katy Perry or Avril Lavigne to have done some awkward video dressed in a kimono surrounded by hello kittys or whatever. But that doesn’t quite describe what’s happened this time. Big-hatted pop singer Pharrell Williams seems to have made… Read more →

The kickass powerup music of Hiroyuki Imaishi’s TV series

Hiroyuki Imaishi is probably one of my favourite TV anime directors working today. And not just because of Kill La Kill. Also because of Gurren Lagann. My god those are some good shows! One thing I’ve noticed about Imaishi’s TV series (Gurren Lagann, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and Kill La Kill) is they all have awesome vocal powerup music for… Read more →