Author: Mickey

The magic of Christmas and Crowdfunding: Santa Company

And so we come to the other kickstarted anime Blu-ray to arrive around Christmas… Santa Company, from Kenji Studio. Which actually arrived a few days after Christmas but luckily thanks to digital downloads I was able to watch it on Christmas. And I’m doing the write-up even later, because January is totally the best time for write-ups of Christmas themed… Read more →

An 80s throwback, revived: Bubblegum Crisis on Blu-ray

I’ve kinda neglected this site. Is this due to laziness? No, because I don’t owe you anything, this is a hobby. But anyway, here’s some content, because over the holidays a certain long-awaited item has arrived: Animeigo’s release of the original 1980s Bubblegum Crisis on blu-ray. Immortalised in slightly better photographic quality than my usual posts, due to my ability… Read more →