Video game marketing examined: Final Fantasy X HD

An interesting thing I discovered through late-night youtubing is a few trailers for Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster. So, first thing's first, get all the "how can it be final if there's 10 of them" and "how can you have an X-2 that's absurd" jokes out of your system.

I'll wait.

Alright, so first up I'd like to link a few trailers. This was a trailer shown at E3 andĀ advance warning it's a bit spoilery.

This second trailer is more conventional.

Then there's this, which apparently aired on TV in Japan.

Ok, so if you've watched those... is it just me or is it kinda weird that the same game can be advertised in such a diverse manner? Like the first one is super "look at these important plot events which we are probably trying to make you nostalgia over", the second one is "rarrr videogames look at this number of hours" and the third is... I guess it's trying to make an emotional link?

I dunno I thought I had more of a point here, it's just weird that these trailers are all for the same game. It's also kinda interesting that a game can be marketed based purely on its plot events or emotional context.