Words about Openings (4)

Words about Openings: Ask DNA

Ok, this is MAYBE kinda cheating since it's an opening credits sequence from a theatrical feature and not a TV series opening, so it's arguably a different form since it's designed to play once and set a mood rather than play every week, but this is a seriously cool piece of animation and music so I really wanna talk about the Cowboy Bebop The Movie opening title sequence.

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Words about Openings: Blue Water

There's the temptation with this series concept to just endlessly talk about the super visually interesting creative opening sequences. Rest assured, I will get to them, but that's hardly a balanced view of what most anime opening sequences are like. So to give some perspective, let's look at the opening for Gainax's classic TV series Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

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Words about Openings: Cha La Head Cha La

Fun fact about me, I'm the kind of person who can get really in to anime openings, for some reason. Occasionally I think about them a bit too much. So I thought I'd do a series of pieces where I just write garbage about particular anime theme songs. This first one relates to the very first Dragon Ball Z opening theme.

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