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i made a zine

look I don't really update this website but I figure since I am using a subdomain under it for something I should mention it here!

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Other places you can find your humble writer

I've been somewhat neglectful of this particular outlet of mine. I guess I haven't really been in the mindset for clever writing or showing off boxes in photo form? IDK. Anyway. If for whatever reason you've stumbled upon me here please consider other places where I'm more interesting, which I list below

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Video game marketing examined: Final Fantasy X HD

An interesting thing I discovered through late-night youtubing is a few trailers for Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster. So, first thing's first, get all the "how can it be final if there's 10 of them" and "how can you have an X-2 that's absurd" jokes out of your system.

I'll wait.

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I'm gonna try and make a fanzine

So I'm going to be working on making an anime fanzine with my friend Star. The details are at It's going to be called Weeaboutique. Get in touch if you'd be interested in contributing!

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