Other places you can find your humble writer

I've been somewhat neglectful of this particular outlet of mine. I guess I haven't really been in the mindset for clever writing or showing off boxes in photo form? IDK. Anyway. If for whatever reason you've stumbled upon me here please consider other places where I'm more interesting, which I list below

Alright, so PROBABLY the place I'm most active is Twitter, I guess? I can be found at @micpp42 over on that mess of a site. Please enjoy the rushed Hot Takes.

I use Instagram, if you're interested in seeing photos of crap I buy/obtain interspersed with endless selfies. I'm also @micpp42 on that service.

Youtube! Probably the most interesting of my outlets, although I've been a bit neglectful of that one too. I've got a channel where I post music (under the creative name of Mickey P Music), which you can find redirected from the amazing silly domain name of mickeyp.rocks, or there's my other channel that's mostly unboxings and stuff, which has a much less interesting URL.

I mean I guess those are the main things. It'd be rad if you'd go and follow me there, if for some reason you're reading this.