Clannad in shiny boxes

Hey y'all, remember when PC games came in boxes?

Well, check this baby out!


Thanks to the excess of Kickstarter, the English translation project for Key's megahit visual novel Clannad, run by Sekai Project, was able to produce a limited edition physical box for backers. And it's really nice feeling, like it's got a number stamped on the back and it's got all nice artwork and stuff, it feels super classy.

Let's open this bad boy up!


So, inside we've got the guidebook/artbook, the game disc, and a soundtrack CD. There's a nice sort of tray setup to hold it all in place, on fancy printed cardboard. Like I said, this is a super classy feeling package.


So yeah, guidebook. Inside there's like concept art and interviews with the staff and some hints on the game.


The game disc itself is interestingly in a Super Jewel Box case. You don't see these sorts of cases used often, so it's an interesting choice. It's certainly unique at least.


I love the way the soundtrack CD is packaged as well. It's like a proper CD release and has classy artwork.

But wait, there's more!


Sekai Project was also able to port the Side Stories to PC, which are apparently originally a novel that got turned into an audio drama and released on PSP, or something. I guess it's extra stories. Cool to have. It's less elaborately packaged but it's still in a Super Jewel Box with a lot of really nice artwork.


Sekai Project also put together this anthology manga. I haven't really read it yet, the artwork seems a bit... I dunno. But it's a cool neat little extra.

So yay, really nice physical boxes of visual novels. The translation project of Muv-Luv is releasing soon, and they're planning a physical release as well, so I'll be curious to see how that one stacks up.

I feel nostalgic about PC game boxes now.