Millie (48)

i made a zine

look I don't really update this website but I figure since I am using a subdomain under it for something I should mention it here!

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Other places you can find your humble writer

I've been somewhat neglectful of this particular outlet of mine. I guess I haven't really been in the mindset for clever writing or showing off boxes in photo form? IDK. Anyway. If for whatever reason you've stumbled upon me here please consider other places where I'm more interesting, which I list below

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Sierra On-Line: the poor treatment of a legacy

Advance warning: this article is not about anime. Oh well it's my blog and I can go off-topic if I want to.

So let's talk about a certain classic developer of computer adventure games known as Sierra On-Line. Or rather, let's talk about the rather shameful treatment of their back catalogue of games.

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