I have a terrible work ethic, here’s a bunch of Kill la Kill stuff

It’s been ages since I ever posted anything here. I mean, there’s an article or two I’ve written for that fanzine if that ever gets off the ground, but honestly I’m lazy. Anyway, I have a bunch more Kill la Kill stuff so I wanna show you my shinies.

First up, the final volume with a cool box!

20150707_214528 20150707_214535 20150707_214633

That’s the cool box at least. Inside, it’s got this!

20150707_214740 20150707_214748

Finally with volume 3 Mako gets that cover place that she so rightly deserves.

20150707_214805 20150707_214811 20150707_214823

Oh no Mako broke her neck on the insider cover. Or it’s a weird anime head pose thing. Either way, looks uncomfortable.

20150707_214836 20150707_214841 20150707_214903

The book this time is much more traditional artbooky with colour art and whatnot. It’s pretty rad.

20150707_215013 20150707_215043

The important thing: I’ve got all three parts now and they fit neatly in a box. Also: “wahhh part 3 is less wide and it looks odd”.

Other thing I got: Satsuki Kiryuin in figma form!

20150815_110801 20150815_110812

20150815_110817 20150815_110823

So yeah she comes with many things.

20150815_111003 20150815_112057 20150815_113107 20150815_113619

Blah blah pigs in human clothing something.

She’s pretty cool. It’s a shame nobody’s made figures of secondary characters for this show yet… I’d be totally into like getting all of the Elite Four.

Anyway, final item: FIGHT CLUB MAKO NENDOROID soooooooooo awesome

20151201_221032 20151201_221039

Box matches the Ryuko and original Mako nendo boxes… the Satsuki nendo box was white for some reason.


0-3 sad onions hurr hurr Ashens reference.

20151201_221154 20151201_221932

And then get her out of the box and she’s got a super rad pose. Attaching the twig to her mouth is kinda fiddly though.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all the kill la kill stuff I’m likely to be getting unless they make more figmas or nendos. Or if there’s a sequel (please please please).

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