Kill la Kill, Volume la Second

Luckily arriving a few days before I fly off on exciting holidays, it’s the second volume of everyone’s favourite high school magical uniform fighting anime, Kill la Kill!


That’s right, now I own two volumes of this masterpiece.


I was about to say “two thirds” but it occurs to me that due to the way the disc count is apparently working with this I have four fifths of it. Anyway, yeah, cover art features the Elite Four. That’s right, Pokefans, they’re called that.

Inside the box:


Basically the same as Volume 1. Booklet and discs.


The discs are in this thing. Featuring Gamagoori’s shouting face! (best character)

So far I have watched an episode (dubbed) and the discs seem fine. Anime Limited seems to have ditched the weird hardsubbing thing after disc 1 of the last volume, so it’s all normal softsubbed stuff.


Booklet contains drawings and whatnot. I kinda gotta admit that as cool as it is I never really looked at the booklet in the last volume. I guess maybe I’m more of a fan of text content or full-colour art? I dunno.

Naturally, we must see this item alongside its predecessor, for some reason.


So yeah, design matches and spines match and whatnot. As one would expect. Volume 3 is supposed to come with a box to hold the whole lot, hopefully. We shall see.

Anyway, blah blah cool show competent release almost finished. Obligatory blog update that I haven’t updated in forever, updated now. Enjoy.

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