Pharrell made a music video about his waifu

So, normally when a western pop star does a music video that’s “inspired by Japanese culture” or whatnot, you’d expect someone like Katy Perry or Avril Lavigne to have done some awkward video dressed in a kimono surrounded by hello kittys or whatever. But that doesn’t quite describe what’s happened this time. Big-hatted pop singer Pharrell Williams seems to have made a music video about his anime waifu.

I’m kinda not sure what to make of this to be honest. The video is actually pretty cool, and going by the credits it’s the product of the mind of artist Takashi Murakami. And it’s got video game influences going on as well as anime. It’s just really really weird to discover that Pharrell is super super into moe girls. It seems just a bit more extreme than finding out that Kanye West likes Akira or Matthew Sweet likes Space Adventure Cobra.

I suppose I should have realised this was inevitable since Pharrell remixed that Hatsune Miku song.

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