Revolutionary Girl Utena: More photos of cool looking home video releases in lieu of actual content

Since I lack the energy to put actual content up here, let’s keep going with the whole “pictures of cool things” thing. small - IMG_20140817_183631 This week, it’s the RightStuf/Nozomi release of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Which you may also know as Ursula’s Kiss, as it was apparently broadcast under that title more than a decade ago on a former digital subchannel of the ABC, for some reason. Utena is a show about sword fights and epic choral music and implied same-sex relationships (which become somewhat less implied in the movie). It’s kinda like the Evangelion of shoujo manga, if I were the kind of person to make meaningless comparisons like that. So as you can see above, this release is 3 separate boxsets and one interesting item that we’ll come to later. Let’s look at the first set small - IMG_20140817_183717small - IMG_20140817_183728 So yeah that’s the front and back. You’ll be seeing a lot of artwork along these lines with these sets. I think the same artwork was used for the Japanese DVD releases. Inside we’ve got a bunch of thinpak cases and a booklet small - IMG_20140817_183838small - IMG_20140817_183849 Artwork on the front and fairly plain listing of content on the back. Inside it looks like this.small - IMG_20140817_184504 All the discs basically look like this so I’m just going to assume you can picture what this looks like with a different disc number. Also for some reason I’ve still got the Right Stuf feedback card in there. Then there’s the booklet. small - IMG_20140817_183908small - IMG_20140817_183918small - IMG_20140817_183926 The booklets are pretty cool for these sets, they’ve got lots of interviews and artwork that I assume was taken from the Japanese releases. So yeah, that’s part 1. Here’s part 2 (which is very similar except for one interesting point)small - IMG_20140817_184004 small - IMG_20140817_184011 small - IMG_20140817_184251~2 small - IMG_20140817_184302 small - IMG_20140817_184343 small - IMG_20140817_184404 small - IMG_20140817_184413 small - IMG_20140817_184429 So yeah the only really notable thing about this second set is the interesting misprint that required them to stick a sticker over the title of the set on the booklet. I’m told that underneath it says “Student Council Saga”, the title of the first set, and I suspect someone didn’t update their template. Ahh, the joys of first pressings and occasional quality control failures. Now let’s look at the third set. It’s got as many discs as the first two sets put together, for some reason. small - IMG_20140817_184522 small - IMG_20140817_184536~2 small - IMG_20140817_184648~2 small - IMG_20140817_184705 small - IMG_20140817_184714 small - IMG_20140817_184730small - IMG_20140817_184739 small - IMG_20140817_184746 small - IMG_20140817_184752 So that’d be the third set. With twice as many discs, since it not only has more episodes but also the movie and a special features disc. That means a bigger booklet as well, since it’s got all the materials for the movie. The movie for this series is kinda interesting, I guess I’d describe it as kinda an adaptation of the series with more budget, less restrictions, and less time. It has some really really good design work, as well as making the implied same-sex relationships somewhat less implied. Also it has a scene at the end which has to be seen to be believed (if you really want to look up spoilers don’t let me stop you). small - IMG_20140817_184835 small - IMG_20140817_184855 So yeah, that’s my Utena dvds. Probably a more typical release than some of the stuff I’ve talked about earlier (what with it just being dvds in boxes with booklets and not a huge cardboard thing that is technically considered a PS3 game for some reason), but I think it’s pretty cool and classy. If you’re curious and local I think Hanabee in Australia put out an essentially identical release. But there is one thing I have’t mentioned yet. small - IMG_20140817_184915 Preordering all the sets from RightStuf got me a bonus: a replica of the duelist rings from the series. Which is too small to fit my fingers. Oh well. Yay pointless collectibles.

Oh my god I just reread this thing and I think I overuse the phrase “so yeah”. Is it because I’m a bad writer or because I’m writing this at 11:30 on a sunday night due to some sort of attempt to write one of these a week? Or maybe both.

  7 comments for “Revolutionary Girl Utena: More photos of cool looking home video releases in lieu of actual content

  1. Amanda
    2014-09-03 at 12:12 pm

    Hi there! I really enjoyed reading your entry on these boxsets and I decided that I would actually go and buy it [now that i have some money haha]! I’m a big fan of the series. it’s really one of my favorites for a long time.

    Unfortunately, I saw that the ring was a limited time offer and I called and they said that they are out.

    I’m sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if there was a possibility that I could offer for yours?
    I really enjoy the look of this rose signet ring and it breaks my heart that I can no longer receive it from buying the set. If not t-that’s fine. I thought I’d ask just in case! Just let me know >o<

    Thanks for Reading~! Have good one!

    • Michael
      2014-09-03 at 12:16 pm

      Hey… I’m sorry but I’m not really willing to part with it. It wouldn’t surprise me if you could get something similar online though… It’s a fairly popular show after all and I’m sure multiple companies have made replicas at various points in time.

      • Amanda
        2014-09-03 at 12:25 pm

        AAh Understandable!
        It’s weirdly surprising that it’s a little harder to find any duelist rings quite as nice these days [Now that I can actually spend some money to buy one].
        Aaaah I’ll just wait it out, again. Hopefully they’ll have another opportunity for it.

        Anywho! Take good care! I appreciate your answer~

        • Michael
          2014-09-03 at 12:38 pm

          Yeah, I had a look online myself after my first reply and I guess they’re harder to come by than I expected. It looks like there’s some fan-made ones around though, but they can get pricey.
          The whole “limited time only” preorder bonus thing is one of the perils of being a collector of physical nerd stuff. I guess all I can say is if you’re quick about it you will have the chance to own some cool things in the future, even if it’s not this specific cool thing.

  2. Amanda
    2014-09-03 at 12:50 pm

    Yes. yes. I will take that advice to heart!
    Hopefully I can be luckier with time and some money on my side now.
    Gonna attempt all the cool things.
    Thanks, Michael~

    • Michael
      2014-09-03 at 1:19 pm

      I was doing a bit of research online and I’ve emailed you if you want some help finding a duelist ring

      • Amanda
        2014-09-03 at 1:45 pm

        How very thoughtful! Thanks so much for the tips!!
        I will keep my eye on these~

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