Month: August 2014

Revolutionary Girl Utena: More photos of cool looking home video releases in lieu of actual content

Since I lack the energy to put actual content up here, let’s keep going with the whole “pictures of cool things” thing. This week, it’s the RightStuf/Nozomi release of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Which you may also know as Ursula’s Kiss, as it was apparently broadcast under that title more than a decade ago on a former digital subchannel of the… Read more →

Irresponsible yet awesome imports: Macross Frontier Movie Boxset

It finally arrived! My English subtitled Macross Frontier 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Movie set. Or to give it its full original title, “Macross Frontier The Movie 30th d Shooting Star b BOX”. No I don’t know why the title has a stray lowercase ‘d’ and ‘b’, but look they’re right there on the box art. Maybe they’re decorative? But in any… Read more →