What’s in a name?

People keep asking me what my domain name means. This is probably an unavoidable side effect of the fact that my website is still very much in the “only my friends and family read this” stage, since they’re not necessarily that up on anime references. But I figure I should serve the audience I have rather than the audience I dream of having, so get ready to have mysteries revealed!

The easy explanation is that kawaii means ‘cute’ and uguu is the cute noise Ayu makes in Kanon, but this explanation doesn’t quite have the necessary context.
To be honest, it’s really more of a reference to this comic that floats around the meme-generating parts of the interwebs:
kawaii uguu
So yeah, basically it’s a joke about that annoying sort of cutesy moe anime, which seemed an appropriate thing to buy as a .moe domain name.
As for what moe means, I refer you to Wikipedia.
Feel free to ask any necessary questions, I’m aware that sometimes it’s quite difficult to understand me.

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